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I have been passionate about photography since my teens.   Although I was a Physics major in college, I studied photography at the MIT Creative Photo Lab founded by Minor White and attended workshops with Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander. I spent most of my free time walking the streets of Boston and documenting life inside MIT Labs. Those photos are in the permanent collection of the MIT Museum and were displayed in two solo exhibits. They are also available to researchers working on the history of science and technology.

After I settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 80's, I ran my own casting business for more than a dozen years, discovering, auditioning and supplying talent for TV commercials and print advertisments.  In the  dotcom boom years, I co-founded, one of the first online repositories of talent, and ran it successfully until the dotcom bust. Following that career, I worked as a mergers and acquisition advisor and was the director of a non-profit meditation center. 

These days I’m photographing full time—portraits, headshots and covering social events and sports. All the while I continue to be an active street photographer, documenting the social landscape and leading photowalks on the streets of San Francisco and elsewhere. 

In 2019 some of my current work was shown at the Peak Design Flagship Store in March and was shown at the San Pablo Art Gallery in August.


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